MultiNet RAPID 5G

The RAPID is fully operational with the lid closed. It has no external antennas, which reduces deployment time while making the kit less prone to in-field damage. it minimises the possibility of component misplacement, making it economical and straightforward to operate.

At less than 5kg in weight, the RAPID is a simple grab-and-go ‘pop-up’ kit delivering 5g/4g/lte backhaul connectivity and an impressive wi-fi bubble. Rapid is equipped with an IP68 rated 802.11 ethernet networking port as a standard feature.

The RAPID kit, operational in <3 minutes delivers seamless VPN connectivity, enabling non-technical users to establish secure, uninterrupted communications with their headquarters from any location.

RAPID Wi-Fi has a range of approximately 100m, can support 100+ users and is equipped with a unique hot-swappable power source that can deliver an uninterrupted remote working environment for 7-8 hours without recharging. Spare battery packs are optional if more extended deployments are required.

On-site support time, to carry out configuration changes, is significantly reduced thanks to the cloud-based management platform, making management of the MultiNet RAPID an inexpensive, straightforward task.

  • ON / OFF Rocker Switch
  • Cellular 1 & 2 Status
  • Device Status LED Cellular, Wi-Fi & GPS


  • Greenfield / Construction Sites
  • Search & Rescue
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Emergency Services Operations
  • Disaster Management