Prepare for Winter power disruption

Prepare for Winter power disruption

The Winter season is unavoidable, but discomfort and health issues are. There are plenty of ways to prepare for an energy emergency and make these situations more tolerable. 

For example, you can make an emergency kit, including cash, food, torches, and a radio to keep track of weather reports and other important news. 

However, one thing is often overlooked, for example, an emergency power supply. Having this can be very useful in many ways. For instance, it can keep phones powered and perhaps power a heat source after you've lost power.

Solutions for an Emergency Power Supply

A power pack can be a great way to keep your mobile phones charged, and batteries are suitable for torches; however, it's not practical to use these to power more oversized items such as a kettle, TV, lamp and internet router. 
Instead, the best solution for this situation is a portable power station or Solar generator. Solar Generators can gather energy from a source outside of the power grid. 

Portable Power Station 
A portable power station is comparable to a power bank. It has the same ability to store energy to power devices that need it. 
One thing to remember is that portable power stations need a power source to charge them and cannot generate energy independently. Thus, it would be best if you took measures to keep the portable power station topped up before an energy emergency.


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